The Nevernauts

Adnan Agha

Code & Design


Vivian Allum

Code & Art

Armand Silvani


Alexandre Gresh


The Nevernauts decided to become a indie game studio after deciding that being an indie rock band was too mainstream. Their unique blend of carefully crafted 80's death-pop-inspired blues still resonates through their games.

Adnan, originally the lead singer of the group has since transitioned to programming and design, neither of which he's very good at, and let's be honest, his pipes aren't so great either. Vivian, who used to play a mean bass, is dually talented, able to assist with both programming and filling in art as necessary. She also knows the secret behind the numbers. Ask her some time. Armand is a classically trained pianist and originally decided to join the Nevernauts as a joke. Since then, he discovered that classical piano was not his true calling and that he'd instead love to draw pictures with crayons and Illustrator all day, so now that's what he does. Gresh is British.

The last remaining sample of the band's illustrious musical career can be found here.

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