Nevernaut Games
Based in New York City

Founding Date:
December, 10 2013


Press/Business Contact:
Alex Gresh




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In this local multiplayer ninja capture the flag game, players will slash, dash, and teleport while utilizing their best ninja moves to fight for the win. A perfect party game, players will need to tap into their cooperative and competitive gameplay styles simultaneously while utilizing their weapons, quick impulses, and strategic battle skills to come out on top. 

Designed to be highly accessible yet filled with deep gameplay and unexpected surprises, SlashDash features nine different interactive maps and four game modes that will foster intense competition and amazing ninja victories.



Designed to blur the lines between casual and competitive gameplay, The Nevernaut team sought to create a game that cultivated connection and sparked nostalgic competition. 

The team was also highly influenced by their love of Japanese culture, as evident throughout the gameplay as well as the art and music. 

Each of the nine interactive gameplay maps includes elements crafted around historical landmarks from the Japanese Edo period, interpreted and designed to fit the whimsical SlashDash world. Further, the sound and music, created utilizing Japanese instruments and samples, evolves as the game unfolds, making each match sound different than the last.


At the beginning of each match, players will be able to choose their weapon of choice to best fit their favorite gameplay style, or better counter their opponent. There are four game modes in SlashDash including:

  • Capture the Flag (2 vs. 2): Use your slashing and dashing skills as well as your weapon of choice to capture your opponent’s flag three times.
  • Assassination (2 vs. 2): Work to assassinate your opponent’s Shogun while protecting your own.
  • Deathrace (free for all): Fill up your meter faster by staying alive longer. Stun and kill your opponents to slow their meter down. First one to fill up their meter wins the match.
  • Mirror Match (Free for all): In this 2-4 player game mode, control five ninjas at the same time while working to kill off all your opponents by slashing, dashing, and using your weapon. Last ninja standing wins.



  • Designed for 2-4 Players
  • Nine Interactive Gamemaps
  • Four Game modes including: Capture the Flag, Assassination, Deathrace, and Mirror Match
  • Nine unique projectiles to unlock and use in battle
  • 100% Certified Ninja 


Nevernaut Games is a game studio that believes in creating lighthearted and nostalgically memorable game experiences that incite connections with others. Founded in 2012 by four quirky friends from diverse backgrounds—Adnan, Vivian, Alex, and Armand—who met while in school at the NYU Game Center, the studio prides itself on melding each member’s skill sets, ideas and talent to result in games that are accessible in nature but deep in gameplay.

Nevernaut Games consistently works to introduce elements of surprise into their games by creating unlikely combinations, such as interpreting history with cute animations or melding casual, competitive, and cooperative gameplay styles. The team hopes that their games will evoke feelings inspired by Saturday-morning cartoons: feel-good fun you can look forward to over and over again.



  • IndieCade Audience Choice Award Winner
  • Indie Essentials: 25 Must-Play Video Games - IndieCade East
  • IndieMegabooth GDC 2014
  • EVO Showcase 2013 and 2014 
  • Gamercamp Official Selection 2014
  • E3 ID@Xbox 2014

TEAM ROLES & LINKS            

Adnan Agha - Lead Design & Programming 

Alexandre Gresh - Sound & Business/Production

Vivian - Programming

Armand Silvani - Art