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NeverNautGames: General Info

Three inspired young people that changed their mind on being an indie rock band established the company in 2012. Currently, their headquarters is located in New York. The background in 80th death-pop blues has a noticeable effect on the decisions Alexandre Gresh, Vivian, and Adnan Agha make while creating their games.

The team believes in the importance of keeping the pleasant nostalgic feeling from the computer games alive in the hearts of the modern players.

About NeverNautGames

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Gambling development

The Company in the Gambling Industry

Developing top-notch software for the best online casinos is currently one of the main priorities of the NeverNaut Games. Since their first release in 2015, the quality of their products has improved even more. Implementing the skills of creating a game with colorful, simple, and immersive design, the developers aim to create unique online games that provide distinctive emotions.

Indie game background

Even though the fast-developing market of casino software providers has a high level of competition among advanced big developers, some smaller indie companies can also deliver a great product. Of course, it is easier to trust a provider that already has a huge audience and positive reputation on the market, but discovering less popular studios can pay off with interesting finds and unique experiences. NeverNaut Games is one of those companies that still does not have a wide representation on the online gambling platforms but steadily makes its way to becoming a household name of the industry.

No doubt, very soon NeverNaut will be listed on such online casino rankings among the best casino game providers thanks to their commitment and devotion to the work they are doing.

The games produced by NeverNaut will always attract gamblers due to:

  • Innovative game features
  • Amazing graphics
  • User-friendliness
  • Really great entertainment

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SlashDash poster

SlashDash – the First Success

SlashDash screen

The first big release from NeverNaut Games happened in June 2015 for Xbox One. It is currently available in the Microsoft store for only 9.99 USD. The best part is that it is an Action/Adventure game with multiplayer features. The design revolves around Japan’s culture, with beautiful locations for different game modes.

Speaking of them, here you can choose from 4 modes to compete with friends:

  • Deathrace. Which works as an ordinary deathmatch but with some twists;
  • Capture the flag. The player who carries the flag of their color to the point first wins;
  • Assassination. Eliminate the targets to finish the match;
  • Mirror Match. A unique game mode where players get special abilities to compete against each other;
SlashDash field
SlashDash rock and tree
SlashDash sakura tree
SlashDash screen also

Multiple interesting abilities, shooting, sword combat, fast movement with teleportation, and the ability to interact with objects on the map spice up the gameplay a lot. The precise mechanics of the game will reward players that put time into getting better as well as allow more casual gamers to enjoy the process too. Up to four players can play simultaneously, which makes the experience even more fun.

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